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Why being 'Investor Ready' is vital for raising investment

Confident. Credible. Investor Ready.

If you've not raised investment before, or you've only raised from friends and family, you may not be aware of all the elements required in being 'Investor Ready'.

Hear from our CEO, Julie Barber, about what it takes to get in front of investors, and then wow them.

You'll be scored against the following key areas

Before You Raise

Are you and your business actually ready to raise?
You don;t just need to be Investor Ready to raise successfully, you also need to be Business Ready.  It's vital to ensure the business can run alongside a raise, and that you have everything in placeto support the raise process.


Do you have a clear company Vision?
Investors use your Vision to help them decide whether it's a journey they'd like to be part of, and also whether your plans and costings are realistic.

Structure & Scale

The foundations of your business, and the 'house' you build on top
Investors want to know that core structures have been set up properly, that there are no nasty suprises, and that the 'back end' of the business is capable of scaling to match customer growth on the 'front end'.


The opportunity and your ability to grab that opportunity 
Investors need a whole picture of not just the market opportunity, but your approach to engaging that market, to defending your position in that market and to growing your product in that market, plus evidence of any traction.


Not just financials but key business metrics 
Your numbers aren't just projections for the future, but also demonstrations of your performance so far and your ability to monitor and manage your business too.


How you engage, and how you manage their expectations
Everything from the investment process, to how you engage with investors is covered in this section.  


The combination of verbal pitches and documentation that can wow investors
Investors expect certain documentation at each stage of the process, plus your ability to pitch in different circumstances is crucial.

Our clients share their experiences of becoming Investor Ready

"Spark! transformed our pitch materials"

"Spark's insights on our business plan, data room and pitch deck have transformed our pitch materials almost beyond recognition! We now feel very confident about the prospect of pitching to potential investors. I cannot recommend Spark! or their programme highly enough."
Jeannie McGillivray, COO, Code Assembly

"Spark! know their stuff!"

"Spark! know their stuff! I was impressed with the specific industry knowledge of my sector, which resulted in relevant and specific feedback and suggestions. It was a hugely worthwhile exercise and I would recommend to any founder going through the process of looking to raise, to use the service. It goes beyond just reviewing the materials to also preparing you for the questions you're likely to get from investors."
Jon Chapman, Founder, Gather

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